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Jack in the Box "How a House Makes Noise!" Paul Winchell
Jack in the Box "How a House Makes Noise!" Paul Winchell

Why A House Makes Noise! is a 1976 Jack in the Box comic and record starring Jack the Clown, Onion Ring Thing, Uncle Trillby, and the rest of the Jack in the Box Bunch


The comic opens with Jack serving lunch to his friends, when Hamburgermeister comments on what makes the secret sauce taste so good. Secret Sauce Agent says that it's a secret.  Soon, Uncle Trillby arrives, and Small Fry asks Jack if Trillby's house is haunted. Jack replies that Onion Ring Thing used to think it was a haunted house.

Secret Sauce Agent and Hamburgermeister have never heard the story before, so Jack tells the story.  

Jack's story begins with a storm coming up, which means that he and Onion Ring Thing have to spend the night.

After saying goodnight to Uncle Trillby, Jack asks Onion Ring Thing if he should turn out the light. Onion Ring Thing is scared, but doesn't want to admit it at first.

He hears a creaking noise, which Jack says is just the house, but Onion Ring Thing thinks it's a ghost, he then says that he has to go home to get something, which Jack responds with a snarky "What did you forget?".

Onion Ring Thing continues to panic, until Jack calls for Uncle Trillby, who then explains how houses make noise through song.

Going back to the present, Hamburgermeister asks if Onion Ring Thing finally fell asleep after the song, Jack says yes. Small Fry says that he won't be scared of noises in the night anymore, and Secret Sauce Agent replies that he won't either.

The comic ends with Onion Ring Thing saying he wasn't really scared, and Small Fry saying it was just a house.

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