Jack in the Box Wiki

Saw this recent article that explains why Jack in the Box decided to ditch Dick Sittig and Jack's voice:

When Jack Box, the burger chain’s balloon-headed, wise-cracking mascot, was created in 1995, the company was trying to tap into a pop culture then defined by ironic, adversarial posturing. But the company suggested Wednesday at its 2016 investor day that the irony once employed in some of its advertising — the very device that makes many ads seem pointless, too clever, or halfheartedly mean to many older consumers — no longer jibes with the culture or the chain’s more recent focus on quality.
“When Jack was created, the No. 1 reigning sitcom … was ‘Seinfeld,’ ” Cran added. “If you think back to how the finale of ‘Seinfeld’ ended, it ended with the four friends being put in jail for basically just being unpleasant people — a little bitter, a little bit too sarcastic. And at times, Jack shifted toward that part of his persona too much.”