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The Ultimate Cheeseburger is a signature cheeseburger sold at Jack in the Box.

It consists of two beef patties with American and Swiss-style cheeses, ketchup, mustard, and Mayo-Onion sauce on a sesame seed bun.[1]

In 2002, ketchup, mustard, and Mayo-Onion sauce replaced mayonnaise, and the number of styles of cheese went from three to two, much to the chagrin of Ultimate Cheeseburger purists.[2][3]

In 2008, the burger was added to the Phoood Hall of Fame.[4]


  • Bacon Ultimate Cheeseburger - Adds three slices of bacon.
  • BBQ Ultimate Cheeseburger (discontinued) - Adds BBQ sauce and grilled onions.
  • Jalapeño Ranch Ultimate Cheeseburger (discontinued) - Adds creamy sauce and sliced jalapeños.
  • Triple Ultimate Cheeseburger (discontinued) - Added a third beef patty. [5]


A wildly popular commercial featured the mock boy band The Meaty Cheesy Boys singing a song about the Ultimate Cheeseburger, which they later performed at the 1999 Billboard Music Awards.[6]