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Jack in the Box texting commercial

Texting[1] is a 2013 Jack in the Box commercial.


Two young women are in bed texting. One of them tells the other that the guy she is texting says, "it's big." "How big?" asks her friend. The first woman laughs and says, "really big." "Tell him to send a pic," replies the friend. The first woman initially says no, but then quickly acquiesces. She receives a reply, and she is stunned by it. She turns her phone to show her friend, revealing a picture of a large cheeseburger. The friend is also stunned.

A narrator explains it's Jack's Big Stack over b-roll footage of the burger, and uses the word "stacked" repeatedly as he describes the burger.

At a Jack in the Box restaurant, Jack Box is at a table with a male friend, dictating his texts (presumably to the woman from the previous scene). "Tell her I'm easy," Jack says. His friend looks at him quizzically. "Because of the drive-thru," Jack adds.

In a white void, the text "Jack's Big Stack" appears next to the burger. A giant graphic resembling the chain's cube logo saying "GO BIG OR GO HOME" falls from above, crashing onto the surface. The graphic rotates and turns into the Jack in the Box logo.


  • First woman - Jaime Shaps[1]
  • Female friend - Miranda Hill[1]
  • Jack Box - Rick Sittig (voice)