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The Sourdough Jack is a signature Jack in the Box cheeseburger consisting of a beef patty topped with bacon, tomato, Swiss-style cheese, Mayo-Onion sauce, and ketchup on toasted sourdough bread.[1] It has been compared to a patty melt.[2]

The sandwich was originally released as the "Grilled Sourdough Burger" in 1993, with the name changed to "Sourdough Jack" in 1997.


In 1995, Jack in the Box introduced antenna balls as Jack's "sales force" for the Sourdough Jack.[3]


In 2000, a Beaverton, Oregon couple sued Jack in the Box for $7 million after allegedly finding staples and hair in their Sourdough Jacks.[4]


"Sourdough Jack" is also the name of a cartoon character used since 1952 by the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, an Alaskan newspaper.[5]

Jack Box's twitter page announced that they would be discountinuing the Sourdough Jack, but really it was a april fools day joke.