The President was the president of the United States of America in the Jack Box Universe in 2009. Aboard Air Force One, he praised Jack in the Box CEO Jack Box on "The Big Deal" as a means to help jumpstart the economy and appointed Box part-time ambaassador to the Bahamas. 

The president is unnamed and remains unseen aside from a Caucasian left hand. He speaks in a gruff voice. 


  • A behind-the-scenes photo features Dick Sittig sitting behind the president's chair, a possible indication that Sittig played the role.[1]
  • The initial commercial featuring the president aired in early 2009, during the Great Recession. Given the president's skin tone and voice, he is clearly not intended to be the actual president, Barack Obama, who had just assumed office, but rather a "generic" president, as is common in film and television.
  • In 2011, Jack Box told a family member he was thinking about running for president again.[2] Assuming the president was first elected in 2008, and running for re-election in 2012, as was the case in the real world, Box would be running to replace the man who appointed him ambassador. This was the case with Jon Huntsman, who served as ambassador to China during Obama's first term and unsuccessfully ran for president in the 2012 Republican primary election.
  • In real life, President Donald Trump nominated another fast food CEO, Andrew Puzder of CKE Restaurants, to be Secretary of Labor, but Puzder withdrew shortly before his confirmation hearing.


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