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Jack in the Box Commercial (2010) - Popcorn - 3 for $3

Popcorn is a 2010 Jack in the Box commercial advertising the "3 for $3" deal.


Jack Box and his wife Cricket are at a movie theater buying a bucket of popcorn, two soft drinks, and licorice. A young, sullen cashier informs them the cost is $22.50. Jack is outraged, calling the price "insane." Cricket tries to get him to calm down, but Jack protests "it's not even a meal!" while the cashier remains silent and unapologetic. Jack extolls the virtues of his new "3 for $3" deal, where customers can pick "three tasty items" (the items shown in the B-roll footage are small fries, onion rings, a 20oz soft drink, a hamburger, a cheeseburger, a chicken sandwich, mini-churros, and an eggroll), allowing them to "fill up" for just $3 (plus tax). Later, Cricket and Jack are tearing up during their movie as a melodramatic score plays. Cricket notices Jack is crying and remarks he's "just a big softie." Jack, however, claims he is still sad about the popcorn ordeal as a single teardrop moves down his face.

Voice Roles[]

Movie Clerk -
Jack -
Cricket -


Pick 3 for $3[]

First aired: April 26, 2010

Last aired: December 20, 2010

Spicy Chicken Club Combo[]

First aired: August 2014

Last aired: September 22, 2014


(Scene: Movie Entrance)

CASHIER: That will be $22.50.

JACK: $22.50? That's insane!

CRICKET: Jack...

JACK: What? It's not even a meal.

(Cut to: B-Roll Footage)

JACK (As Narrator): I mean right now at my place, you can pick 3 for $3. People can pick 3 tasty items including my new fries. Now fill up for just $3!

(Cut to: Movie Theater)

CRICKET (sniffed): Awww, you're just a big softie.

JACK (crying): Nah. I'm still sad about the popcorn.

(Cut to: White Background)

(Title Card: Pick 3 for $3)

(Slogan After Title Card Eaten: Eat It. Any Time.)

(URL: jackinthebox.com)


  • The prop candy includes "Malt Duds," "Fine Vines," and what appears to be "Snow Balls."
  • This one of the few commercials where Jack's face is animated.
  • The 2010 commercial "Pick 3 for $3" is replaced with a 2014 commercial "Spicy Chicken Club Combo for $4.99", a remade in a HD format.