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Piggy is a sentient talking piggy bank owned by Jack Box. He was used in a Deal Talk commercial to illustrate the low cost of the Jumbo Breakfast Platter.

Three versions of Piggy's commercial were produced.[1] In one, Piggy dares Jack to break him open with a hammer. When Jack is unable to do so, he calls him a wimp and commits suicide by falling off the table, shattering into pieces and causing Jack mental anguish. In another, Piggy cheerfully declares "breakfast is on me!" and willfully shatters to the floor. In the third version, Jack positions himself to strike Piggy with a hammer. A worried Piggy suggests using a credit card instead and inches away from the edge of the table.


  • Deal Talk: Piggy Bank[2] (2018)


  • The existence of multiple versions of the commercial suggests a branching timeline in which Piggy's ultimate, canonical fate is left up to the viewer to decide.


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