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Patty Box is Jack's mother. She and Jack's father had a cattle ranch in Colorado, where Jack was born,[1].

A red-haired woman is briefly glimpsed during a home movie of a young Jack grilling his first Jumbo Jack; presumably this is Patty.[2]

When Jack and his family stayed with his parents, Patty and her husband expected Jack to bring them breakfast from Jack in the Box despite the nearest location being a hundred miles away. When he protested, Patty countered with, "Did I ever tell you how difficult your birth was?"[3]

Despite being the mother of a wealthy CEO, Patty still clips coupons, saying "it all adds up."[4]

Jack's parents still have an active sex life. During one of Jack's visits, Jack's father enters the room and asks Patty to call a doctor because "it's been more than four hours," alluding to an advisory from many Viagra commercials.[4]

A younger version of Patty appears washing dishes during a flashback to Jack's teen years.[5]


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  • Teen Jack (c. 2010)



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