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Nugging Extended - 20 Piece Chicken Nuggets - Jack in the Box® Commercial

Nugging is a 2012 Jack in the Box commercial advertising 20 piece chicken nuggets.


At a Jack in the Box, Jack Box is called over to a table, where two young men are sitting with their girlfriends. One of the men informs Jack that when he and the other man, Jason, returned to their table after getting drinks, they discovered all 20 of the group's chicken nuggets were gone. "We got nugged," insists one of the girlfriends. "There was a nugging," confirms the other girl.

The girlfriends, who noticeably have sauce on their chins, claim a ninja-like guy who may have had more than ten fingers came running up from seemingly all directions, took their nuggets, and dipped them in all the sauces before scarfing them all down. The second girl claims they insisted the man save some for their boyfriends.

The scenes cuts to b-roll footage of chicken nuggets. "Need more nuggets?" asks a narrator. "Jack's crispy, all-white chicken nuggets come with your choice of 7 awesome sauces, and an order of 20 is only $4.99."

The girlfriends continue their story, insisting they tried to get the man to save at least 10 nuggets, the fair amount for their boyfriends who deserve it, as the boyfriends look at each other skeptically. Jason takes out his smartphone and says they should probably call the cops. Jack offers to get them more nuggets. "No, thanks, I'm stuffed," replies the second girl, who is elbowed by the first girl.



  • The brazen theft of fast food sounds like the modus operandi of The Hamburglar.

Behind the scenes[]

  • In an interview, actress Chaley Rose called the commercial "the turning point" in her career.[4]



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