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The Monster Burger was a burger sold at Jack in the Box that was discontinued due to its role in the 1993 E. coli outbreak.


See also: 1993 E. coli outbreak

Health inspectors traced the contamination to the Monster Burger, which in January 1993 had been on a special promotion (using the slogan So good it's scary!) and sold at a discounted price.[1][2] The ensuing high demand "overwhelmed" the restaurants and the product was not cooked for long enough or at a high enough temperature to kill the bacteria.[3] Subsequent investigation by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identified five slaughterhouses in the United States and one in Canada as "the likely sources of [...] the contaminated lots of meat."[4]


  • While the Monster Burger was discontinued, the Monster Taco  retains the "Monster" branding.
  • Jack in the Box rival Hardee's launched a product with the same name in 1997.[5] It became the "Monster Thickburger" in 2004.[6]


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