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Menutaur is a talking horse-like creature who appeared in a series of Jack in the Box commercials. Alongside Jack Box, Menutaur uses a magic guitar that shoots lasers to add an extra meat patty to various Jack in the Box customers' orders.

The creative agency Roger described Menutaur as "part Minotaur, part Centaur."[1] Physically, he resembles a centaur with the lower body and legs of a horse, except his upper body also resembles a horse, with human-like hands, two horns, and long, flowing brown hair. He wears the same yellow conical hat as Jack, 8-bit style sunglasses, a red letterman jacket with the sleeves ripped off over a white T-shirt, bulging arm muscles, socks and shoes. The lower part of his body is blue, but it is unclear if that is supposed to be denim jeans.

Initially, Jack wanted to ride on Menutaur's back, which Menutaur was uncomfortable with and directed Jack to his brown car (with the license plate "MENUT4UR" and a Jack antenna ball). In other commercials, Jack is seen riding on Menutaur's back with no apparent issue.


  • Catch A Ride With The 'Taur (2020)[2]
  • Quit Horsin' Around (2020)[3]
  • Jammies (2020)[4]
  • Catch a Ride (2020)[1]
  • The Taur's Gone Too Far (2020) [5]
  • Menutaur is in the House, Literally (2020) [6]
  • Rock On (2020) [1]
  • Barbershop (2020) [1]