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Angry Manny's Owner - Funny Jack in the Box TV Commercial

Manny's is a 2014 Jack in the Box commercial advertising 2 breakfast croissants for $4. It aired from August 25, 2014 to December 22, 2014.


Two young men at a Manny's diner are stunned at the price of their meal: "22 bucks?!" one exclaims. Jack steps into frame and tells the audience "these guys should've gone to my place," and describes a deal on his breakfast croissants as b-roll footage plays. An agitated man, Manny, interrupts Jack and tries to stop the camera from filming, and feebly strikes a boom mike with a spatula. "You can't make a commercial for your restaurant in my restaurant!" he yells. Jack nonchalantly replies with "Not if you keep interrupting me, I can't."


  • Manny's appears to be a parody of the Denny's restaurant chain.



(Scene: Manny's)

MAN: $22?

JACK: (entering Manny's) These guys should've gone to my place.

(Cut to: B-Roll Footage)

JACK: Because right now, I have two breakfast croissants. Try the supreme with bacon and ham, or the sausage.

(Cut Back to: Manny's)

JACK: They'll fill you up for not much…(an owner at Manny's enters) what?

OWNER: Whoa! HEY! What are you doing? You can't make a commercial for your restaurant in my restaurant!

JACK: Not if you keep interrupting me, I can't.

(Cut to: White Background)

(Title Card: Breakfast Croissants - 2 for $4)

(Slogan After Title Card Eaten: Jack in the Box)

(URL: jackinthebox.com)