Jumbaco Commercial
Jumbaco Commercial
Jack in the Box - Jumbaco
Jack in the Box - Jumbaco

Jumbaco is a 2012 Jack in the Box commercial.


A group of four diverse teenagers perform a song about Jumbaco, a new item consisting of a Jumbo Jack burger sandwiched between two tacos.

The scene shifts to a conference room, where the commercial is being presented to a group of business executives by Jack Box, who has been singing along with the teens. A female executive pauses the television and questions why Jack keeps pushing the "Jumbaco" idea, as research shows that "normal people" prefer the Jumbo Deal, a combination meal consisting of a Jumbo Jack, two tacos, fries, and a drink, or "all their favorites in one meal."

Later, at the Box residence, Jack, Jr. is dismayed to learn they killed his Jumbaco idea. Jack insists he tried.

Lyrics (extended version)

First you take the Jumbo Jack
Then you take two tacos
Whaddya get?
Jumbaco! Jumbaco!

Beefy crunch and cheesiness
Burger buns, two tacos
Say it again!
Jumbaco! Jumbaco!
Jumbaco! Jumbaco!


  • Famous film director Jon Favreau tweeted "So, just to be clear, Jumbaco is not a real sandwich, right?"[1]
  • A writer for the Houston Press who created her own Jumbaco opined "Jack's a good dad for supporting his son's idea, but he should also consider the possibility that there's something profoundly wrong with his offspring."[2]
  • Design services were provided by Art, Signs & Graphics. [3]


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