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Jumbaco is a 2012 Jack in the Box commercial.


A group of four diverse teenagers perform a song about Jumbaco, a new item consisting of a Jumbo Jack burger sandwiched between two tacos.

The scene shifts to a conference room, where the commercial is being presented to a group of business executives by Jack Box, who has been singing along with the teens. A female executive pauses the television and questions why Jack keeps pushing the "Jumbaco" idea, as research shows that "normal people" prefer the Jumbo Deal, a combination meal consisting of a Jumbo Jack, two tacos, fries, and a drink, or "all their favorites in one meal."

Later, at the Box residence, Jack, Jr. is dismayed to learn they killed his Jumbaco idea. Jack insists he tried.

Lyrics (extended version)[]

First you take the Jumbo Jack
Then you take two tacos
Whaddya get?
Jumbaco! Jumbaco!

Beefy crunch and cheesiness
Burger buns, two tacos
Say it again!
Jumbaco! Jumbaco!
Jumbaco! Jumbaco!


  • Famous film director Jon Favreau tweeted "So, just to be clear, Jumbaco is not a real sandwich, right?"[1]
  • A writer for the Houston Press who created her own Jumbaco opined "Jack's a good dad for supporting his son's idea, but he should also consider the possibility that there's something profoundly wrong with his offspring."[2]
  • Design services were provided by Art, Signs & Graphics. [3]


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