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From left to right: Small Fry, Secret Sauce Agent, Jack the Clown, Onion Ring Thing, Hamburgermeister

The Jack in the Box Bunch was a group of characters used in Jack in the Box advertising in the 1970s. They are similar to McDonald's McDonaldland characters and Burger King's Burger Kingdom, in that each character is associated with a particular menu item.

The characters were featured in a range of merchandise, including bendable figurines, a "Box Ball," and a line of comic books.


The Jack in the Box Bunch[]


  • The Shakes
    • Strawberry
    • Chocolate
    • Vanilla
  • Uncle Trillby - Jack the Clown's uncle
  • Hermione - Horse owned by Uncle Trillby'



Old TV Commercial Jack in the Box, Animated Baseball Game


Old TV Commercial - Jack in the Box- Animated in the Park

So far, there are only two Jack In the Box Bunch commercials on Youtube, one with the characters playing a baseball game, and another one in the park. In the baseball commercial, Jack The Clown pitches the ball, and Small Fry's first baseball is taken by Secret Sauce Agent, before he hits a home run on the second attempt.

There really isn't much to say about the park commercial, other then the fact that the characters sing the Take Life A Little Easier jingle. Note that Jack The Clown doesn't sing until the end.