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[[File:JackVisits.jpg|thumb|322px]] [[File:Jack_in_the_Box_commercial_"Jack_Visits"|video|right|300px]]
'''''Jack Visits''''' is a 2010 [[Jack in the Box]] commerical.
'''''Jack Visits''''' is a 2010 commerical.
[[Jack Box]] admires [[Patty Box|his mother]] clipping coupons. "Well, it all adds up," she says. In honor of her thriftiness, Jack declares he'll serve two croissant sandwiches for just $3. His mother tells him he's such a good son and that she's glad he dropped by. "I love coming home, Mom," he replies. Their moment is interrupted by [[Jack's father]], who enters the room and worryingly asks his wife to call the doctor. He glances down at his crotch, which is blocked from the audience's view by a coffee pot, and says "it's been more than four hours." He then notices Jack and says hi. Jack turns to his mother with a perturbed expression and says, "I gotta go."
* This is the first time [[Patty Box]] has been referred to by name.
* The blog CafeMom called it a "creepy sex commercial" that is "just plain inappropriate and doesn't make sense from a marketing perspective."<ref>Haskell, Christie. [https://cafemom.com/lifestyle/113378-jack_in_the_box_now Jack in the Box Now Serving Creepy Sex Commercials]. CafeMom. December 6, 2010.</ref>
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[[Category:Jack Box Universe]]

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