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The Jack Box Universe is a fictional universe in which the character Jack Box is the founder and CEO of Jack in the Box. All of Jack in the Box's commercials since 1994 take place in this universe and are assumed to be canonical. 


According to the initial "Jack's Back" commercial, Jack Box was "fired" in the 1980s (thereby retconning those earlier commercials into the Jack Box Universe) and regained his "rightful place" as CEO in 1994. Because of this flashback, it could be argued that the universe actually goes all the way back to 1980 rather than 1994.


It is not known how aging works in the Jack in the Box Universe. For example, Jack, Jr. does not appear to have aged since his introduction in the late 1990s.

Similarly, Jack Box would have to be around 80 years old if he were old enough to found Jack in the Box in 1951. This conflicts with flashbacks of him in the 1970s. It is possible the fictional version of Jack in the Box was founded much later than the real-world version.

List of canonical commercials[]

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title summary release year notes
Jack's Back in 1994, 14 years after he was "fired", Jack Box, having returned (it is explained he was "revived" with plastic surgery) shows up to the Jack in the Box headquarters to regain his position of becoming head of the company once again. When reaching the board room, he detonates an explosive device, obliterating the board room behind him. 1994 disputed to be the first official commercial of the universe, after the 1980 commercial, inwhich acts sort of as a prequel to the universe (although still technically canon).
The Visitor Jack visits the home of a man named "Brad Hailey". When he answers the door, he is told that sources indicated that he was calling Jack in the box "Junk in the box", in hate. When he is tried to try Jack's food and apologize, Brad shoves Jack, yelling "Beat it clown!", to which Jack chases him through his house, tackling him in the back yard. Brad is forced to try Jack's food, to which he admits is tasty and apologizes to Jack. Jack apologizes for the grass stains (from the tackle), but when Brad asks "Really?" Jack replies "No". 1997 Two versions of this commercial exist. One version features an additional scene at the beginning of Jack approaching the house, Jack's dialogue for the second half of the commercial is different (except for the "Well I'm sorry for the grass stains" and "No" at the end), and the scene of Brad being forced to eat the food is an entirely different take.
The Carnivores Jack becomes coach of the new XFL football team, "The Carnivores". While being interviewed, he tells the audience that his players "are big guys and need a big breakfast", to which he advertises his new breakfast sandwich item. 2001 This commercial was also, in part, advertising the now defunct XFL football league during it's peak in 2001.
Crashes Multiple clips are shown of people dying in horrific car accidents, all due to distraction from eating messy food while driving simultaneously. Jack shows up on screen and tells the audience about his new Cheesy Macaroni Bites, a great food for people on the go. The commercial ends with the captain of a mock Star Trek ship ordering warp speed. As he spills some of his sandwich into his lap, the entire rocket self destructs. possibly 2002 Ivan Allen starred as the pilot of the mock Star Trek ship at the end of the commercial.
"Shakes" Jack and several of his employees are present at a board meeting for a new product, which the commercial is advertising, the "Creamy Caramel shake". The board speaker is giving an exceedingly boring, drawn-out speech about the product, before Jack stands up shouting "Oh it's a shake for goodness sake!". The entire board room begins dancing to disco ("I got the hippie hippie shakes!"), much to the dismay of the board speaker. Near the end of the commercial, some workers in another building some distance away look over and can see the party going on in Jack's office building. One of them turns to the other and says "I wanna work THERE!". 2003
Chipotle Jack visits a farmer's market, where he tries out a "chipotle" pepper, telling the seller that it tastes fantastic. The seller explains that it's a smoked pepper known as "chipotle", to which Jack tries numerous times to properly pronounce "Chipotle" (his mouth is completely scribbled up while trying to say the word). At the end, the seller hands Jack his back of chipotle peppers that he purchased, thanking him for his business in spanish, to which Jack tries (and once again fails) to properly pronounce the sentence. The seller, annoyed tells Jack to just leave. 2003