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Jack Box, Jr. is Jack and Cricket Box's son.

He was introduced in a 1996 commercial playing pee-wee football with an oversized helmet, but his face was not seen until later commercials. He typically wears a ballcap with the letter S on it, though other times, he has been seen wearing a propeller cap.

During a school performance, he expressed his wish to become a veterinarian (which he confused with "vegetarian").

He came up with the Jumbaco idea, but his father was unable to convince the board to green light it.


  • Football Game (1996)
  • Vote Jack (1998)
  • We Are Different (1999)
  • Breakfast at the Boxes (2000)
  • Barbecue (c. 2000)
  • Girls and Boys (c. 2000)
  • Deli (c. 2000)
  • Win Jack's Stuff (2004)
  • Vegetarian (2005)
  • Jumbaco (2012)
  • Family Reunion (2012)