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Jack in the Box - Jack’s Teriyaki Bowls - “Jack’s Bowls”

Jack's Bowls is a 2018 Jack in the Box commercial advertising Jack's Teriyaki Bowls.


Jack Box walks through a facility as workers behind him unload boxes labeled "Jack's Bowls." "While other burger places serve the same old stuff, I'm the only one with the bowls to serve something different." He has stopped in front of a small metal table with two teriyaki bowls, which he holds up to the camera. "I mean, just look at my teriyaki bowls." B-roll footage of the teriyaki bowls plays as Jack describes the food and the customizable options.

"What about these bowls, Jack?" asks a male employee, who holds up two bowls. A wider shot reveals two other employees, a woman in green and a man in a blue-striped shirt, are also holding two bowls. "Hey, you've got some pretty nice bowls there," replies Jack. "And so does Dan." Dan, the man in the blue-striped shirt, thanks him. The woman next to him looks down at his bowls and comments, "Those are some nice bowls." A second female employee wearing glasses walks down the stairs and says, "Everyone's going to want to get their hands on Jack's bowls!"

The scene shifts to a TV playing the commercial, who now shows a truck that featuring a picture of Jack holding two bowls with the text "TRY MY BOWLS." Jack, who is standing on the lift, apparently helping load the boxes into the truck, yells, "Come try my bowls!" The commercial is paused with a Tivo-like sound.

"Jack, the lawyers aren't comfortable with the new marketing campaign," explains a stern-faced executive. Jack is flummoxed: "Why? People love my bowls." The conference room contains other marketing materials, including a model of a billboard, a coffee mug, a model version of the truck seen in the commercial, a Jack bobblehead, and a cardboard cutout of Jack holding two teriyaki bowls with a speech bubble reading "It takes bowls to serve teriyaki!" "See, that right there," explains the executive, who points at Jack. "You can't say that."

The two have a back-and-forth:
"I can't say people love my bowls?"
"What about 'Try my bowls?'"
"Check out my bowls?"
"Absolutely not."

"What about my billboard?" asks Jack, gesturing to a large billboard outside the conference room window. It features Jack, holding two bowls, and the text "ENJOY MY BOWLS." The executive sighs and touches his head in exasperation. "What?" asks Jack.

Over an image of teriyaki bowls and the hashtag "#jacksbowls," Jack tells the audience "Try something different: my teriyaki bowls. Only at Jack in the Box."