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Hot Mess[1] is a 2013 Jack in the Box commercial advertising the Hot Mess Burger. It first aired during Super Bowl XLVII.


In 1989 Oakland, a heavy metal band, Meat Riot, performs the song "Hot Mess." A shot focuses on a younger, long-haired Jack Box on guitar, pointing at the audience. The camera lingers on two female audience members, one in a white Hot Mess shirt and one in a red top.

The commercial cuts to b-roll footage of the Hot Mess Burger and announcer exclaims, "Jack's one hit wonder is now a burger! The Hot Mess is loaded with spicy jalapeños, onion rings, and gooey pepper jack cheese!" as "Hot Mess" continues to play in the background.

The scene cuts back to Jack on the guitar. The girl in the white shirt begins to lift up her top, and the scene freezes with noticeable VHS distortion.

It is revealed that Jack and his son Jack, Jr. are watching the footage in the present day, with Jack having just paused the video. "And that's how I met your mom," he says.

In a white void, the Hot Mess burger is seen again underneath a Hot Mess Burger logo. Both are snatched up with a bite noise by the Jack in the Box logo.

Alternate version[]


Jack in the Box "Hot Mess" (Full-Length Video)

An alternate, extended version of the commercial featured the song in full.


An mp3 of "Hot Mess" was available to download from the Jack in the Box website, along with wallpapers, a PDF document with the lyrics, and stems for remixes.[2] The mp3 file lists the genre as "Burger Metal." It was also part of a "80's Power Moves" station on Pandora.[3]


  • An audience member holds up a license plate issued by the nonexistent state of "Wissouri."
  • Jack having been a rock guitarist is consistent with his MySpace profile in 2009.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

  • A Jack in the Box executive said the commercial was filmed in the Los Angeles area and took one day.[5]


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