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Jack In the Box Ciabatta Breakfast Sandwich commercial

Greg's Treat is a 2005 Jack in the Box commercial for the Ciabatta Breakfast Sandwich.


A young man, Greg, can be seen sleeping in bed. The sound of squeaky wheels can be heard. Jack Box whispers, "Greg has trouble getting up for breakfast." The camera pans out to reveal Jack and a few of his employees are pushing Greg's bed into a Jack in the Box drive thru.

"But today, he's in for a treat," Jack continues. "'Cause right now at Jack in the Box, you can try my new Ciabatta Breakfast Sandwich." The camera focuses on an ad for the sandwich on the drive thru menu, then the commercial cuts to b-roll footage of the sandwich while Jack describes it, still whispering.

The commercial cuts back to Greg, who is now in front of the drive thru menu. An employee says "Welcome to Jack in the Box!" over the drive thru speaker, which startles him. He stands up on his bed, revealing that he's only wearing a pair of white briefs, and is terrified and embarrassed by his location and the people surrounding him. A female employee looks shocked as Greg tries to cover himself with his bedsheets. Jack covers her eyes with his hand and says, "Whoa, Greg, put some jammies on."

In a white void, a bag labeled "Ciabatta Breakfast Sandwich" falls from above, followed by a second bag labeled "Experience Ciabatta." above the Jack in the Box logo.


First aired: September 5, 2005

Last aired: April 14, 2006