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Dr. Robert Conley was Jack Box's doctor during his 2009 bus accident and recovery

He appears to be very unprofessional and occasionally callous. While giving an update on Jack's condition, he seemed to be unaware Jack had been hit by a bus, made an inappropriate remark about the size of his head, and gave a shoutout to his son Kyle's lacrosse team.

In one commercial, he is heard requesting a hot glue gun and a bonesaw in order to fit Jack into a CAT scan machine. In a follow-up video, he clarified that it was a medical glue gun, which he admitted to having once used to make a birdhouse.

His colleague, Nurse O'Brien, described him as merely an "adequate" surgeon.



  • Dr. Conley shares the same last name as the real-world Physician to the President Sean Conley.