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Company Picnic is a 2005 and 2014 commercials advertising Jack's Blazin' Chicken Sandwich.


At Jack in the Box headquarters, Jack awkwardly apologizes "for what happened at the company picnic" to a female employee named Georgia, who covers up her chest and crosses her arms. 

The commercial flashes back to the company picnic, where employees are engaged in several different games. As Georgia bobs for apples, Jack and another employee are heard exclaiming phrases like "that is hot" and "daddy-like" in a lecherous manner. A shot of her from the back creates the impression they are talking about her butt. Shocked and offended by this heinous act of sexual harassment, Georgia turns to look at them. It is revealed Jack and the employee are eating the new Jack's Blazin' Chicken Sandwich and commenting on how spicy it is. Apparently unaware of their perceived inappropriate behavior, they greet go Georgia and turn their attention back to the sandwich. 

A narrator implores the viewer to "try Jack's hottest sandwich yet" and talks about its ingredients as footage of the sandwich is shown.

Back at headquarters, Georgia comments "Ow, that's hot!" as she walks past Jack and the other employee bending down to pick up papers off the floor. Jack admonishes her with "You better be holding a sandwich."