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The Cluck Sandwich is a chicken sandwich served at Jack in the Box. It consists of 100% all white meat chicken fillet, topped with crinkle cut pickles and Mystery Sauce on a brioche bun.[1] It debuted in December 2020[2] and "upgraded" in September 2021.[3]

Official description[]


Someday, people will be saying, “Wow, this is the best thing since the Cluck Sandwich.” Because this all-new, thicker, crispy, juicy chicken fillet topped with two pickles and mystery sauce, and cradled in a fluffy brioche bun is the best thing since...well, ever.

September 2021 upgrade:

Other chicken sandwiches bow to the Cluck. Our new 100% all white meat chicken fillet is bigger, crispier and better than ever, topped with thick crinkle cut pickles and our signature Mystery Sauce on a toasty brioche bun. It’s so good, it’ll have you doing your best chicken dance.[1]


  • Deluxe Cluck Sandwich (discontinued) - Included melted cheddar cheese, bacon, guacamole, lettuce, tomatoes, and mayonnaise[2]
  • BBQ Cluck Sandwich - Includes BBQ sauce instead of Mystery Sauce.[4]
  • BBQ Deluxe Cluck Sandwich - Adds bacon, panko onion rings, and American cheese[4]