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The Cholula Lady is the mascot of Cholula Hot Sauce. She exists as a two-dimensional character constrained to the label on the bottle. 

While she was advertising the Cholula Buttery Jack, Jack Box repeatedly picked up and flipped the bottle over to use the product, agitating her. 


  • The Cholula Lady does not appear to have an "official" name. Her appearance is allegedly based on the late Camila Harrison, matriarch of the Harrison family who created the sauce,[1] but it is unclear whether the mascot "is" Camila or if they should be considered separate entities. 
  • In a Facebook comment, Cholula Hot Sauce described her as "a beautiful woman of authentic Mexican heritage who personifies the the essence of the culture."[2]
  • It is unknown whether all bottles of Cholula Hot Sauce in the Jack Box Universe feature a sentient mascot, or just that particular one.