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Barbara is Jack Box's executive assistant.[1] After Jack was hit by a bus, she stayed by his bedside for days at a time[2] and became the "official updater"[3] of his social media accounts to keep fans apprised of his condition.[4]

Barbara is strongly devoted to Jack, to an obsessive degree. During his coma, she pledged to "be by his bedside, ready to perform in anyway that he may want me."[5] It is implied she may have a romantic interest in Jack and harbors jealous resentment towards his wife, Cricket: in one video, she snidely notes she's been with Jack longer.[6] However, she publicly denies any animosity, stating Cricket "is a lovely, lovely woman who I have absolutely nothing against at all, no matter what anyone says."[7]

Barbara has an adversarial relationship with Phil, Jack's number two, whom she derided as "so dense"[8] and a "total zero."[9] Phil described her as "too smart to be of any value to me."[1] Nevertheless, after he revealed his plans to change the company name to "Phil in the Box," Barbara valiantly tried to save him from being strangled by Jack.[10]

After Jack woke up from his coma, Barbara was given a raise.[11]

She owns one cat,[12] sees a therapist,[13] and has a crush on Hugh Jackman.[14] Her hobbies include making scrapbooks.[15]


Notes and background[]

  • Barbara claims to have been working for Jack for over 17 years.[6] At the time, Jack had only been CEO of Jack in the Box for about 14 years.


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