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Angel and Devil

Angel and Devil is a 2012 Jack in the Box commercial advertising Jack's Value Deal.


A young man grabs his sleeping roommate's pants to steal his laundry money for food. A manifestation of his conscience, depicted as an angel version of Jack Box, appears on his shoulder and chides him for his actions. When the man argues that he's starving an only had a few bucks, Angel Jack informs him a few bucks is all he needs for his value deal. The man looks and wonders where Angel Jack's devil equivalent is. Devil Jack is on the sleeping roommate's head, shaving his eyebrows.


March 26, 2012 - First Airing

June 29, 2012 - Last Airing


  • Angel Jack, Devil Jack - Rick Sittig (voice)
  • Sleeping Guy on Couch
  • Guy with Laundry Money


(Scene: Living Room - A guy is taking his pants when Angel Jack pops up from his shoulder.)

Angel Jack: Really? Stealing your roommate's laundry money?

Guy: I'm starving and I only had a few bucks!

Angel Jack: Well that's all you need. I just added four new things to my value menu.

(Cut to: B-Roll Footage of Jack's Value Deal)

Angel Jack: (voiceover) Try my new Chicken Nuggets, Junior Jack, value fries and drink! Right now, get them all together for only $3.49. It's called "Jack's Value Deal"!

(Scene Back: Living Room - A guy had noticed Devil Jack is not here on his shoulder.)

Guy: (looks over his shoulder and turns to Angel Jack) Hey, isn't there supposed to be another guy?

(Cut to Devil Jack shaving the dude's eyebrows on top of his forehead.)

Devil Jack: Be right there! I'm busy! (humming)

(Cut to: White Background with Title Card: Jack's Value Deal for $3.49)

(URL After Eaten: www.jackinthebox.com)