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• 7/28/2016

Why does he look more like the Drive Thru Jack then the other Jacks? And what REALLY happened to him and his pals? I smell conspiracy.

IMO, "Jack" Box from the 90s and present is actually an imposter. The real Jack and the whole crew were actually kidanpped and left for dead by a team up of Mcdonaldland [they regret it so much, IMO] and the three knuckleheads who blew "Jack" up but they survived by a miracle. Now I believe Jack from the 70's is drive thru Jack's son, and his mom is Trillby's sister. What do you think about all these mysteries surronding Jack The Clown and the Jack In The Box Bunch?  I have to admit, maybe them being obscure is a good thing, with what the internet is doing to other mascots. I am hoping no one actually tries to create creepy fanart out of Jack The Clown and any of his friends.

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• 7/31/2016
I actually like both Mcdonaldland and the Jack In The Box Bunch
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